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This is what your secret wedding proposal could look like

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Are you planning on surprising your loved one with a secret proposal in Tenerife?

Of course you want it to be perfect. You want this to be a special suprise.

This is what it could look like in 8 steps:

1 The perfect location

We send you the location close to your hotel or in the area you want to propose. And a time for the best lighting to take photos.

2 Proposal set-up

On the big day itself we will make a romantic setting with flowers and champagne at the sea side and send you a photo when it’s ready.

If you want a picnic or a bigger set-up we work together with 'Ja ik wil', a wedding planner in Tenerife. Daisy is great with organising so if you want to go big she will help you with it.

3 Suprise your partner

Than you will walk to the place with your loved one. We will be waiting at a distance and as soon as you are close to the place we start taking photos.

4 The proposal

When you arrived you will propose (while we are capturing everything). She will probably be so overwhelmed that only later she notices that we are taking photos.

5 Relax

We give you a small moment to sit down, talk and open the champagne.

6 mini photo session

If you like we do a mini photoshoot to capture some romantic photos and some photos of the ring.

7 Watch the sunset

You can relax at the setting with the rest of the champagne and have some romantic time together while you watch the sunset.

8 Enjoy the moment

When you are ready to leave we will clean it up, you can enjoy the moment. Don't worry about the set-up. You just give us a call and you leave the rest for us.

Take the flowers and go to the dinner or something else you planned for after ☺️

A lot is possible if you have other ideas. This is just an example. We love to help you with your proposal in Tenerife❤️

If you want to book your proposal setting with photoshoot you can book it here.

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