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Kien &


Welcome! We are Kien and Joëlle, Professional Photographers based in Tenerife. We love to capture your greatest memories through a range of photoshoot sessions. We have been living on the beautiful Island of Tenerife since 2016, pursuing our passion for photography.

Our style is spontaneous, fun & real. Photos should be a reflection of who you are, therefore we capture moments as they are. We don’t focus too much on posing and you do not need any previous modelling experience. Whether you want photos with your biggest passion, the love of your life or your family… We want to capture the feelings naturally and capture you as you are. 

Canary Island Photographers




27 y old
born in Terneuzen
living on Tenerife since 2013

Although you'll always see us together at photoshoots, Kien will take most of the photos. He has been interested in photography since he was a child. Years he was taking his camera everywhere to take amazing spontaneous photos. After a few years living on Tenerife he decided to make a business out of it with Joëlle and make his passion his work as well! And as you can see from the photos, he is the funny one of the two of us:)

Joëlle is very creative and always loved taking photos as well. The thing she loves the most is editing and making colors as beautiful as possible. Next to that she is the one who organizes everything. So when you'll send us a message she'll probably be the one who answers;).

During weddings we always work together and shoot with 2 camera's so we won't miss any important moments. We work great as a team and our wedding couples even told us, having us as photographers felt like having extra friends on their special day!

For us it's very important that you feel comfortable so that you don't feel any pressure from the camera and that you can just be yourself.



26 y old
born in Ede
living on Tenerife since 2018


Due to our excellent reputation we have built up over the past few years in Tenerife, we receive many requests for photo shoots every week. Most of our clients contact us through the website and have found us through word of mouth. But we also cooperate with Club Canary, a highly rated local tour company in Tenerife.

Let’s Work Together

We'd love to hear who you are and what we could do for you! Send us a message to contact us :)

Whatsapp: +34604158055

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