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Tenerife is the perfect place for a surprise proposal

A surprise marriage proposal in Tenerife

You’ve made the big decision to take your relationship to the next step and ask your partner for their hand in marriage. You might feel excited, optimistic and even a little nervous. You want the moment to be perfect and the Canary Islands is just the place to do it.

Tenerife, one of the biggest of the 7 islands, is the perfect holiday destination for couples looking for that romantic marriage proposal.

There are many beautiful places in Tenerife to propose. From unique black beaches, to picturesque Canarian towns, to the glorious Mount Teide, there is something for everybody. The natural beauty of Tenerife will ensure the perfect backdrop to remember your special moment.

Being local residents in Tenerife, we love to explore! Additionally, through years of experience with proposal photography, we know all the best locations in Tenerife to propose and can help you with your decision.

Because of all the excitement and anticipation, the moment goes by in a flash. So doing a photoshoot is the best way to capture these raw emotions into photo memories.

Wedding proposal photographers in Tenerife

We are here to help you from start to finish. Tell us your vision and we can help you organise it. Whether it be toasting to the sunset with a glass of champagne or a fully decorated romantic picnic on the beach, we work closely with wedding planners and caterers in Tenerife who can make it happen.

The surprise is the best part of the proposal. That’s why we organise it with you in advance and most importantly, work discreetly! This is how it works…

1. Surprise your partner with a proposal during a couples photoshoot

Your partner goes to what they think is a couples photoshoot, during which you surprise them with a proposal and we capture it on camera! In this case, we would speak with you in advance to organise how and when the proposal will happen.

2. We take secret photos as you propose in a beautiful setting

Take your partner to a beautiful setting and we will photograph your proposal from a close distance! It can be on a cable car excursion to Teide, in a restaurant during a romantic dinner or even on a sailing boat excursion. Anything is possible. We have even gone as far as to hide in the bushes to capture the moment perfectly.

Book a proposal photoshoot

We understand that everybody who stands in front of our lense is different, that's why we adapt ourselves to you. If you’re planning to propose in Tenerife, tell us your proposal vision and we can help you bring it to life.

You can book direct or send us a message.

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